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Chinese health balls are metal balls of various sizes used to exercise your hand. These balls are placed in the palm of your hand and rotated in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction. With the proper size and weight of the balls, you will start to feel the workout in your wrists and forearm.

Expert practictioners are able to rotate multiple balls in one hand and make it look easy! Look at the video below. He may look like an old man, but he is probably rotating 7 to 8 pounds in one hand.

The chinese also believe that these health balls improve the flow of your internal energy. This energy of life in your body is call Chi. The balls work by using acupressure on certain points in your hand to ensure the flow of Chi in your body is healthy.

In western medicine, these health balls have been used for physical therapy and to treat painful hand conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis of the fingers. Customer reviews have claimed these balls treated their conditions with great results because exercising with the balls loosens the joints and stretches the muscles.

Most of these chinese health balls contain a metal chime inside the ball with a ball that rolls around hitting the chime. It creates a chiming sound while rotating to help you meditate and relax.

You can buy a set of these balls if you have an oriental gift shop in your area or you can buy the chinese balls online through the link.

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